Rawand Saeed

Software Engineer - Mobile Application Developer

I build mobile & web applications. Technologies I use and have experiences:

Android (Java & Kotlin)

iOS (Swift & Objective C)

Backend: Django Framework

Frontend: Angular


Android Development Java REST APIs SQLite Material Design

7al News

7al News is an android mobile application version of 7al.net website which has over 1 month million views per month in the Middle East mostly Syria and Iraq.

Used Java and XML in Android Studio to design and build the application.

Follwed MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern to architect the application.

The application fetches content from WordPress API REST API using Volley library.

UI/UX: I used Sketch application to make a prototype of the application.


This was my first professional android applicaiton as I come from iOS Development. It took me one month to review Java and learn about Android ecosystem.


Conceptualized, designed, and developed the application from scratch. Successfully deployed the application to Google Play Store.

Android Projects

CodeSwag Kotlin Android App

Android kotlin screenshot
An android mobile application built using Kotlin in Android Studio. User can see list of categories and products with details for each product. It can be used in e-commerce application

Web Projects

Flight Tracker

Flight Scheduler is a full-stack Web app project for viewing schedules of flights. The project can perform CRUD operations in both backend and frontend.

The project built using Python's Django framework for the backend and Angular as a frontend framework.